Here's what others are saying.....

Before I started coming to Dr. Paul, I was fearful that I was going to start to lose mobility and be in pain for the remainder of my life. I am happy to say that in a short period of time he was able to get me feeling better than I had been in years. After my second visit I was 80% better, and today I am pain free and feel rejuvenated. Two big thumbs up! Thank you, Dr. Paul.

Rich R.

Least amount of discomfort/pain in 5 years. My family was so thankful for you, Dr. Paul, and included you in the Thanksgiving prayer. Wonderful relief. Thank you; it was a most wonderful Thanksgiving.
Lucy C.

After one visit to Dr. Paul, my body started working again. I had not been able to go to the bathroom for over eight months by myself, and after my first visit I was able to go by myself. Thank you, Dr. Paul, more than you know. I had to do colon hydrotherapy three times a week because of what other doctors called an obstruction – now I have none.

Lucy C.

My daughter suffers from lyme disease and down’s syndrome. I have been bringing her to Dr. Paul for years. With Dr. Paul's expertise she feels better and has a better level of functioning.
Sarah B

If your son or daughter aspire to elevate their game and skating to reach the next level; then Coach Duke is the trainer for them.  His camps and training are engaging, focused and fun.  His camps and training have a proven track record and my daughter is living proof.  He helped elevated her from a boys state championship team to a spot on the AAA Chicago Mission girl’s team.  These are definitely can’t miss camps for any skater looking to gain that little extra advantage in a competitive hockey world!

Rich K (Chicago Mission Parent)

In all the years my kids have done off ice training, Coach Pauls' training in the synthetic ice room is by far the best/most valuable training either of my kids has received!

Julie I 

I’ve been seeing Dr. Paul for a while now, and I have seen and felt amazing results. Before having treatment, my back and body felt tight and just a bit off. I was having trouble sleeping, sitting and even standing. From my very first visit I felt better. My energy has greatly improved now that I sleep through the night and wake up without pain. I’m sitting and standing without discomfort or stiffness. I started exercising again now that I can move more freely. I’ve noticed a difference in my overall health as well. Friends and family have seen a change in me too. It feels wonderful to have my body back and enjoy the activities I love to do! I now bring my whole family for regular adjustments. Thanks, Dr. Paul!!
Danielle S.

I’ve been under Dr. Paul’s’ care for some time now. When I first started I noticed a lot of good things: less achy, more energy, less irritable and better sleep. One thing that I thought was amazing and want to share is that for over 30 years my fingernails never grew. This may seem odd but shortly after starting care with him, my fingernails started to grow again. Funny what can happen when your body starts to work better. I highly recommend Dr. Paul for anyone who wants to get more life out of their years. He is a very trustworthy, down-to -earth, caring person.
Grace J

I sought treatment for low back pain from Dr. Paul, and over the course of care my low back pain went away. During this time I was also scheduled for a hysterectomy. I did not share this information with Dr. Paul. A week before my surgery for my hysterectomy, my doctor was surprised during his examination that my uterus had raised back into the position it was supposed to be in and that I no longer needed the hysterectomy. It was a miracle he explained. Now knowing how the nerves work and how the nerves that exit the spine in the low back run to different tissues and organs I know it wasn’t a miracle. Thank you, Dr. Paul.
Stacy C.

Regular chiropractic care helps me to function day to day with more energy and focus. I’m also finding that pain from my workouts is completely diminished!
Kathy H

I am in my mid 60’s and I have great energy because of the services I receive at Dukovac Sports Chiropractic. People tell me that I don’t look my age and that feels really good!!
Stacy C