Naperville Sports Chiropractor Advises Elite Youth Athletes

Typically speaking, our elite youth athletes are the ones that have the most talent, train the most and maybe have an advantage in the size department. If you’re bigger or stronger, have talent and train more and harder than the competition you should succeed. Right? Exceptional organizations and youth teams may have systems that involves their athletes studying the game, building character and having fun. They may even sprinkle in a little “get to bed early” or “drink a lot of fluids”. But, if there is anywhere in the organizations mission statement that states,”to compete at the highest level”, or “develop young athletes to the best of their abilities”, then there is a lot more that needs to be done. Remember, we are talking about elite youth athletes here, the ones that want to move on and play at higher levels.

Again if the organizations’ mission is to truly develop their elite youth athletes and compete at the highest levels, then here are 6 areas that can help them fulfill their mission. These 6 areas are all scientifically validated, understood, valued and implemented by professional and high level athletes but largely ignored by youth athletics. If addressed, the organization would have a better chance or fulfilling their mission and the athletes would have a better understanding of what it takes to truely perform at the highest of levels. Here are the six areas:

  • Sports Psychology

  • Brain and Body Physiology

  • Mechanical Balance and Function

  • Nutrition and Hydration

  • Sleep, Rest, Recovery and Healing

  • Proper Goal Setting

The best thing about trying to implement a program or system that addresses one or all of these six areas is that it is mostly education that is required. Secondly, because most of what needs to be done is educational, there shouldn’t really be any financial costs to the organization. The next number of blogs will focus on these six areas and serve as database of material for young athletes and any youth organizations that want to add value to their program. Questions call Dr. Paul Dukovac at 630-561-7025

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