Combine the latest spinal therapy technology with Dr. Dukovac’s  well-honed hands-on techniques and knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system and you have the formula for the most accurate, safe and comfortable musculo-skeletal treatment on the market. The groundbreaking technology of the Pulstar Fras™* interfaces with a computer so you can see measureable post treatment corrections.  Advice on stretching, exercising, diet, nutrition and lifestyle can all be expected with your care.  See our blogs on the Pulstar and chiropractic and athletic performance.


If you're in pain, you must what this video: .  This form of electrotherapy is a proven way to experience pain relief and accelerate healing.  Drugs and surgery may not be the answer.  TheraStim™*  electric stimulation is much more effective than traditional electro-therapy. This comfortable, patented therapy breaks up scar tissue, fluid buildup and dissipates the original charge (the bad/sick energy) that was created at the time of injury. Many professional sports teams use the TheraStim for quicker pain reduction and faster healing.  This form of electro-therapy has worked for both Jonathan Toews and Jay Cutler.

Acupuncture is the traditional form of Chinese medicine proven successful for thousands of years. Thin needles are inserted at strategic points on your body to treat symptoms and illnesses by stimulating energy pathways so healing can occur. Contrary to some common beliefs, it is not painful!


Combine Dr. Dukovac's expertise of the top soft tissue, acupuncture and manual therapies, his experience as a team chiropractor to four different professional sports teams and the  TheraStim™*  and you'll be back in the game in no time!

CET was created to provide hockey players with the essential knowledge, necessary education and proven training methods to improve performance for the game of hockey.


CET Services:

  1. Summer Power Skating and Defenseman Clinics

  2. Small Group Private On Ice Sessions

*PulStar Fras is a trademark of Sense Technology, Inc.

*TheraStim is a trademark of Physiodynamics, Inc.